What is "direct linking"?

Direct linking is bandwidth theft.
If you are using images on your blog/website that are located at someone else's blog/websitewebsite, you are stealing their bandwidth. In other words, when you use someone else's URL address in your HTML-codes to display an image on your site, you are stealing their bandwidth. If you are stealing bandwidth, you are probably uneducated about the crime you are committing. If you're a blogger, you're probably a victim of bandwidth theft. A Crime? Yes, it is a crime. The person whose site the image is on that you are linking to for the source of the image is paying to display their image on your site!

So how to do it right?

When you find an image on the internet that you want to display on your blog/website, you should save the image to your computer and then upload it to your server. You could also use image hosting/photo albums sites like, for example, Photobucket.

Special thanks for Chris, who did all the screencaps
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