This one I wrote only in a few hours.
I guess my brain worked pretty well that day (surprisingly).

Inspiration? Well, it's kinda silly so I won't tell details. Let's just say that it was a school-crush in a rather.....
er.....too late time *cough*

Another inspiration was Jazon Mraz's "Sleep All Day".

(Koblenz, 2004.07.02)


That time, that day
In a bus on my way
I saw you, I saw you
Sitting there, alone

          You remind me of someone
          It makes me wondering
          Who you are
          Who you are

There's something about those big brown eyes
There's something about that smile
The way you move, the way you look
The way you brush your hair, and the way you stare

          Keeps me lying awake all night
          'Cause you make me wondering
          Who you are (you make me wondering)
          Who you are

I don't know why my eyes, they keep searching for you
And every time I see you my heart jumps so hight
But why oh way you're running away from me?
Or is it just my imagination?
Curiosity is killing me, so tell me

          Who you are (why don't you tell me)
          Who you are (please tell me who you are)
          Who you are (oh please tell me)
          Who you are

Suddenly a chance came
"It's now or never", I told myself
So I tried my luck, and I tried your luck
I found you