Sinfest (Tatsuya Ishida)
    Neko the Kitty (Gearóid Molloy)
    Wapsi Square (Paul Taylor)
    Love-Kitty (Carrie)


    css Zen Garden
    Bionic Systems (you gotta turn off your pop-up blocking)
    2advanced Studios


    Nippon Connection
    Japanese Filmfestival held every year at the University of Frankfurt,
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    The Kanji Site
    A very useful site for learning Kanji and Kana.
    Especially helpful for JLPT preparation.

Other pretty stuff:

    Iron Lungs
    My dedication to Kotani Kinya.
    It was also his present for his 24th birthday.

    David Atkinson's Page
    For the love of photography, travel and nice words.
    David is Program Leader of Centre for Animation & Interactive Media
    at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

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