IDEN & TITY is a comic from Jun Miura. The film started on 2003.12.20, directed by Tomorowo Taguchi. It's about a newcoming band called SPEED WAY trying to survive in the rock world. The main character is Nakajima, the guitarist of the band, who loves Bob Dylan's music and has started his band-career in college. As rock music in Japan, sadly, commercially grows, Nakajima started to be insecure and didn't know which way to go. The story is about Nakajima finding his lost dream and identity.

Kinya starred as Iwamoto, a good friend of Nakajima who started his career with his band, G.O.D., at about the same time as SPEED WAY, but became immediately the number 1 in Japan. As the rock world became worse, he started to go solo and later even switched to hip-hop, which made Nakajima even more insecure. A very good story, with a lot of cool music.

Heart of the Sea

Started on 2003.07.06, directed by Nishikiori Yoshinari, starring Sudo Risa, Kikawada Masaya and Akasaka Nanae and Make Maki.
Summary coming soon.
Kinya had a part as a takoyaki seller.

Ashita ga aru sa

Started on 2001.10.05.
Summary coming soon.
Kinya had a part as a a launch meeting place employee.

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