Love Story

Sudoh Misaki (Nakayama Miho) is a hardworking 30-year old book editor but her ambitions are thwarted by her lack of bestselling titles. She is assigned to handle Nagase Ko (Toyokawa Etsushi), who used to be famous but has been in a slump for the past two years. He's very arrogant and difficult but she refuses to give up and makes every effort to motivate him. Meanwhile, Nabetomo Kyoji (Katori Shingo) is his neighbour and a new fledgling illustrator, while Kobayashi Kano (Yuka) is a great fan of Nagase Ko, and because of him, decides to work as a waitress in a cafe below his home. A complicated love rectangle develops as Misaki falls for Ko but Ko is attracted to Kano while Kano starts to develop feelings for Kyoji, who in turn seems to be interested in Misaki.

Started on 2001.04.15. Kinya starred as Nagase Kenji, the little brother of Nagase Ko.

Flying Boys

Started on 2001.10.01.
Summary coming soon.
Kinya had a part as a toilet janitor.

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