When thirteen-year-old Hunter Steele chases a spider into a mysterious cave, he ends up falling straight down to the center of the Earth, into the fantastic subterranean world of Arachna. Here, he discovers a small band of elite warriors struggling to survive and to save Arachna from the attack of giant insect mutants. The warriors are kids, just like Hunter, each fighting with the help of their own three-ton, ten-foot battle spiders. They call themselves "Spider Riders."

Kinya's character is called Magma. Not affiliated with the Arachna military, he is a "lone rider" with his spider partner, Brutus. He made a promise to find the purple spider Portia, supposed to be Brutus's younger sister, and this promise keeps him joining the ranks of Arachna. His weapon is a mace that can switch to a flail. He is somewhat obsessed with rescuing Portia from the Invectids.

This is the first time Kinya acts as a Seiyuu (voice actor) with his own personal anime character.

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Tsubasa Chronicle is adapted from Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. The first season aired Saturday nights on NHK from April 9, 2005 to October 15, 2005. The second season began on April 29, 2006.

The story is about Syaoran's adventures to different worlds to recover Sakura's feathers which contain fragments of her memories.

Kinya's single "BLAZE" is the opening song of the first season, and his single "IT'S" is the opening song for the second season. Kinya is a CLAMP fanboy and so it's an honor for him to be able to work together with his idol.

For TSUBASA CHRONICLE - The Movie, "aerial" was written as the opening song.

Beside the opening songs, Kinya had also his debut as Seiyuu in this anime (episode 21). He did the newspaper boy and one of the Oni-slayers.

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The story surrounds the aspiring and energetic singer Shindou Shuichi who, with his band, Bad Luck (formed with his best friend Hiro), wants to become Japan's next big thing, like his famous idol Sakuma Ryuichi, lead singer of the disbanded legendary group Nittle Grasper. One evening, Shuichi is writing lyrics for a song when his paper is blown away by the wind and picked up by a tall blond man. The man dismisses Shuichi's hard work, which hurts Shuichi deeply, although he is intrigued by the stranger. This will be only their first encounter, as Shuichi will become fascinated by the stranger, who turns out to be a famous romance novelist, Yuki Eiri, and they will begin a relationship.

Kinya filled the singing voice-role of Shindou Shuichi. In fact, Kinya sang most of the songs in Gravitation and Gravitation OVA, to the point that his own songs are falsely labeled as Gravitation songs.

A list of the song he really did in Gravitation can be found here.

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